About me

Hi lovelies! My name is Signe Leth and I am a 24 year old law student from Copenhagen, Denmark.

I started this blog as, what I felt like was a natural continuance, of the food instagram (@amillionmiless) I started back in March 2013. I started the instagram dedicated to healthy eating as a little hobby with the purpose of inspiring myself and hopefully others to live a healthier life and eat as colourful as possible = looots of fruit and veggies! It turned out to be so much more successful than I had ever dreamt of – not only because it helped me change my eating habits and make 2013 my healthiest year so far, but also because I gained so many amazing followers who are a constant motivation and inspiration to me.

As the number of followers started to grow so did my ambitions and I felt like a blog would be a suitable place to continue my journey into healthy living and cooking as it would allow me to step it up with my creations and make it so much easier for me to share recipes and step-by-step pictures.
My goal with this blog to continue inspiring myself (and others) to eat healthy, but also to pursue a new goal; to be better and more creative/diverse in the kitchen! Even though 2013 was my healthiest year yet it was also the year where I got the habit of eating breakfast’ish meals at all times of the day - haha it needs to stop! So with this blog I challenge myself to try new things and improve my (kinda limited) cooking skills.

I hope you like the blog; constructive criticism, suggestions and requests are very welcome!

Lots of love Signe


  1. Signe, you're so inspiring! couldn't believe all these beautiful food posts were by one person.
    glad to discover you so early on in the new year.. excited to see how your 2014 will be even greater than '13 :)

    1. Thank you so much! Comments like this really means a lot to me - I'm glad to have you follow me on this journey into healthy living :)

  2. I just checked out your blog today and it really inspired me ! Excited for more recipes :)) you're a true inspiration